Let him go around, including the bathroom area, and then show him the school’s floors. A lot of buildings contain varied tiles or carpeting on every corridor or level. Discuss with the teacher something about the rooms which your child needs to get into during school days. After which, you can organize a map or make a shoe-box model in order to aid her in knowing more about the surrounding area.

The teacher is another factor that concerns many children entering the school. So, you should work on this too. As the first day of school approaches, many young students visualize a “child-crunching” monster who sits behind the desk of the teacher, particular when older siblings teased them such exaggerated stories.

Before the school year starts, you may introduce your child to the teacher, and let him think of your relatives or any family friends who are also teachers. Once the school year begins, your child might also think of his teacher as someone new when she differently does things from his daycare provider.

It offers you the perfect chance to discuss classroom rules and the way people perform things in their unique ways.
Children by nature are good learners. You only need to make things easier for him to understand and learn.

The fact that he feels scared for being at school should be addressed correctly and properly to allow him go through and deal with the challenges successfully. This should eventually make you a better parent for him. So, make sure to keep these pointers in mind when looking to enroll your child to a school new to him.