Your first order of business when deciding which Dish Network service you want is to look at the different programming package options. You will find tons of choices that include everything from very basic service with a couple of dozen channels to Spanish and English programming mixes. The Classic packages are the nation's favorite programming packages and with good reason. These packages all contain hundreds of channels and allow you access to the best entertainment. Whether you opt for the budget conscious Classic Bronze package or the all-out America's Everything Pak, you are sure to be completely satisfied with your programming and with the incredibly low price that it is offered for.
Not only is Dish Network's programming top notch, but you can't beat the access that this company gives to the latest gadgets and technologies. The DVR is a perfect example as this company makes it extremely easy to add this really useful service to your programming. The DVR is well worth getting, considering that it extends your viewing options tremendously and makes it very easy to record any programming that you want. Of course, you will also enjoy the huge storage capacity that these DVR receivers contain, especially the HD DVRs, which have capacity measured in the hundreds of hours!