LinkedIn here I come! 

Setting up an account on LinkedIn is easy. They provide a step by step guide starting from filling in your personal details, addresses, company name, etc. There are also 3 different packages to choose from: Business, Business
Plus and Executive. Each of them has their own benefit to you and your company. However, the Executive package provides the best range and costs the most.

After joining the LinkedIn family, businesses need to focus on customizing their page. After all, this is where partners, clients and job seekers will get to see’ you. Various areas such as your profile, creating groups and the like all need to be maximized on. Each of these areas determines how effective a business’ marketing campaign is.

Do not worry that you are doing a particular thing right or wrong. LinkedIn has a to-do list that will show you what is remaining and what is already done. Working on LinkedIn is not similar to your Facebook or Twitter profiles. Here, every single interaction is  a business oriented one starting right from your profile. Your profile is your business card.