Washing your hands is one of the best steps you can take in order to stay healthy and avoid contagious diseases. It is a good habit to get into, and there are specific times when it is especially important to wash your hands. Here are some of the circumstances in which you should wash them thoroughly. After Coughing or Blowing Your Nose First of all, you should cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow instead of your hand. But it is a good idea to wash your hands after coughing or blowing your nose either way. There are always tiny amounts of nasal mucus that stay on your hands after using a Kleenex that need to be washed off. If you don’t wash them off, this germ-filled fluid will transfer onto everything you touch, and will then expose everyone else to it. Before Eating or Cooking You should always wash your hands before eating. With all the germs that accumulate on your hands throughout the day, it is important that they be removed. Otherwise the

  Planning a trip to New York City can be an exciting, overwhelming activity. Theres just so much to see and do. Restaurants, shopping, and entertainment vie for your attention as you pour through tourist brochures. Whatever you do, dont forget about the kids. New York City is a place that provides wholesome, educational entertainment for the children in your life. Also include a visit to the Brooklyn Childrens Museum. This Museum is located at 145 Brooklyn Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Admission prices are reasonable, the activities are fun and educational, and they are conveniently located within the center of Brooklyns cultural district. Nestled by Brower Park and a stones throw away from Grand Army Plaza, this world-class childrens museum features a variety of exhibits and activities for the entire family. Since it is a museum designed for kids, it offers hands-on activities and exhibits?something that you wont find at most museums for grown-ups. Children are enc